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Q:      What size tent will I need for my event?
A: There is an infinite number of answers to this question. You should take into account what type of setup you are planning inside your tent. Tables or cathedral/theater seating? Is is a buffet dinner or sit-down? Dance floor? Space for a bar, DJ, gift table, cake table, and food? Do you have a stage? Are you using rectangle or round tables? Do you have a lounge area? There is endless possibilities. With a simple Google search, you’ll find both simple and complicated formulas for figuring out your required tent size. In our opinion, some of these formulas tend to crowd the tent and restrict movement during your event. We think it’s best to contact us with your event details and desires. We will figure out the tent size best suited for you.

Q:       Will the tent I need fit into my space?
A: Keep in mind when choosing the area for your tent that we need space on all sides for staking. This means you should try to have at least 6′ extra on all sides. We can install the tent over bushes and shrubs, even small trees. In some yards and fields, space is readily available.  Space for a tent will be obvious. In other locations with large trees, decks, or other special situations we may need to schedule a site visit.

Q:      Can you install the tent on concrete, decks, or other hard surfaces?
A: Yes, but it will incur additional expenses above a standard tent install. Contact us for details.

Q:      Does my tent come with sidewalls?
A: Sidewalls significantly impact your event space. They can block wind and rain, keep out insects, direct traffic, and hide imperfections in your location. They can also bring an intimate feel to a large event. Sidewalls are not included in your tent rental but several varieties are available at an additional cost. See the Tent Rental pages for details.

Q:      Does GER do lighting?
A: Yes, we provide a huge array of lighting options and services. We have string lighting, PAR cans for washing and uplighting, and chandeliers. We will let you know if your lighting requirements are beyond the ability of our crew. In those cases, we can recommend professional lighting and production companies to meet you needs. Remember that lighting
requires power so if your event is far away from an outlet, a generator may be required. We can also recommend a generator supplier in your area. Tent lighting is not included in the cost of your tent rental. The price for lighting varies based on complexity and labor. You can see examples on our Lighting Page

Q:      Can you put air conditioning in my tent?
A: We work with a number of suppliers around the southeast to provide this service. For more simple climate control, we offer several varieties of fans to help with ventilation for an additional charge.