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We have Round, Rectangular, Estate (or King Tables), Square, Farm, Half-Round, Cocktail, Highboy, and Serpentine tables along with accessories like bar toppers and buffet/banquet toppers. Forget the old 6ft rectangle bar. Use a serpentine table with bar topper and skirting or a 42″ high trestle table for a more upscale look. Want square tables or massive King tables for your family-style wedding reception?  We have those too!  We even have the ability to customize your buffet, bar, or communal highboy table with custom painted trestle tables.  Contact us for more details.

Jacobean Farm Table

farm table picture with a floral runner $email

Jacobean Farm Table
Mahogany/dark walnut finish
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King Chestnut Farm Table

Wood-Estate-Table-Reception $email

4’x8′ Estate Table Size for seating up to 12
Chestnut brown with reclaimed top
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Cypress Farm Table Collection

Cypress-Round-Farm-Table $email

Cypress Farm Table Collection
Mix of Round, Square, & Rect seating up to 166
Luxurious satin finish with hints of gray
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White Farm Table

Table Decor and Flower Ideas $email

White Farm Table
Perfect match for various chair styles

Summer Harvest Farm Table


Light, natural wood color.
Contrasting, vintage finish.

Trestle Table


6′ Vineyard Trestle Table
45″ high – Bars or communal high tops

Farmboy Table

Farmboy-Tables $email

30″ Wood Highboy Table
A farm-style cocktail table

Whiskey | Wine Barrel


Aged Whiskey Barrel (5 available)

Banquet Tables

Table rental in Athens GA

4′ Banquet Table – $9.00/ea
6′ Banquet Table – $9.50/ea
8′ Banquet Table – $10.00/ea
4’x8′ King Table – $20.00/ea
6′ and 8′ School Boy Tables – $14.00/ea

Round Tables

Party Table Rental

48″ Round – $9.00/ea
60″ Round – $9.00/ea
72″ Round – $13.00/ea

Pedestal and Highboy Tables

Highboy table rental Georgia

30″ Round (30″ high or 42″ high) – $10.00
36″ Round (30″ high or 42″ high) – $11.00

Serpentine Table

Serpentine Table – $12.50/ea

Square Tables

48″x48″ Square Table – $16.00/ea
60″x60″ Square Table – $17.00/ea

Banquet Table Topper

perfect for a 6′ or 8′ bar set up
6′ or 8′ Bar Topper – $14.00/ea

Serpentine Bar Set

Athens GA Bar Rental

Serpentine Bar Set – $75.00/ea
-includes serp table, raised bar topper, skirting (black)
(white, ivory also available)

Half Round Tables

Half Round or Half Moon Table – $15.00/ea