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Clients often call up with no vision or plan for what they want their wedding to look like.  This was not one of those instances.  The Rachels family knew exactly what they wanted.  They knew the size tent, the exact number of guests, the layout, and the design.  It was as though they had been planning it for years and the day to call up Goodwin Events to place the order had arrived.  Someone had been studying our website!

We headed out early on a Thursday to begin set up for this on one of those perfect October mornings.  About 5 miles down a very quiet country road south of Sparta, GA, I started to wonder where exactly we were going to end up.  The road was narrowing, the grass was unmowed, the yards and facades of the homes were fading.  As we neared the address, an absolutely stunning, well maintained plantation home appeared on our right.  Across the street, a tiny chapel looked freshly painted and redone.  We had arrived.  This spectacular piece of property belonging to some of their family was a perfect backdrop to one of the most classy southern home weddings we’ve seen.  And to top it all off, one of our favorite photographers had been hired to capture the weekend.  All photos by Ashah Photography

historical house wedding ga

ga backyard tent wedding

farm tables for seating at a wedding

photos of a liner with chandeliers in tent

home wedding

lights strung over dance floor


sparkler exit