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For this beautiful fall wedding we traveled to Lincolnton, GA near Lake Thurmond.  The client wanted an elegant yet rustic feeling inside the 40×100 tent on their farm.  We went with a “father of the bride” lighting scheme using over 3,000 feet of mini lights draped from side-to-side across the tent.

Father of the Bride Tent Lights


Here’s a few shots of the tent during the day.  The client chose to go with sidepole drapes completely around the tent which gave it a much more elegant look.  We had severe storms during and after set up.   The drapes kept blowing up and wrapping around the light strings so the client was eventually forced to zip tie them to the bottom of the sidepoles.  The 60 mph gusts were no match for our quality tent install though!

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Atlanta Chiavari Chairs

But the tent really popped that evening.  We got there early just as the guests were arriving from the church.  We supplied the tent, tables, mahogany chiavari chairs, stage, and the dance floor.  The full set up took multiple trips and several days to complete.

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Father of the Bride Lighting