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Standard Tent Perimeter Lighting


Georgia Party Tent Rental  Atlanta Tent RentalPerimeter Cafe Lighting for our tents is the most basic lighting we do.  It gives a nice ambient light and is sufficient on tents for customers who are looking for a simple, effective option.  Our cafe light strings are white to blend in with the tent fabric.  The bulbs are about the size of golf balls.  $1.00/ft up to 200′ and $1.25/ft on larger tents includes install, hook up, and extension cords up to 100 feet.



Tent SizePerimeter in FeetCost (not including tax)


Corner to Peak Cafe Lights (for High Peak Pole Tents)


Custom Wedding LightsAn enhancement to our standard perimeter tent lighting is the Corner to Peak package.  For an additional $150 we  run lights from each of the four corners of your High Peak Pole Tent up to the closest center pole at over 22′ in height.  This adds a neat glow to the sweeping roofline of these tents and provides more ambient light for your event photographer to work with.

Add $150 to any 40′ wide High Peak Pole Tent Perimeter lighting                                                  (as shown in the above chart)

Center Pole Drapes are a great addition to this lighting package for a more upscale, formal look.  Check out our tent and tent accessories pricing chart for information.



Full Cafe String Light Packages


Conyers-Decatur Tent Rental

Our most popular enhancement to our standard perimeter cafe lighting is our full cafe light packages for our 40′ wide high peak pole tents.  These packages include perimeter, corner to peak, and in addition we run cafe light strings up each lace line in the tent (every 20′) to the closest peak pole.  


This gives an extremely elegant, professional look to the inside of your tent and highlights our crisp, white tents. Pricing below is for the full package including all items mentioned above (perimeter, corner-to-peak, lacelines), install, electrical hook up, and extension cords.

Tent SizeFull Cafe String Light Package
40x40Not Applicable


Other Tent Lighting Options


We can do all sorts of custom string lighting inside our tents to give a grand or intimate feel.  Check out some examples of our custom work below.  Contact us if you have a special vision in mind and we will see what we can do to help!

Wedding Lighting

Wedding Tent Bistro Lights

rent wedding lights atlanta

Wedding Tent Lighting Ideas

Father of the Bride Lights (Mini Light Strings)


Father of the Bride Wedding Tent  Father of the Bride LightingFather of the Bride Lights

Father of the Bride Wedding Tent Lights

Cake Design by Debra Georgia

Father of the Bride lights mimic the wedding tent made famous by the movie. This type of lighting involves many additional man hours and ladder work.  Package includes full install and electrical hookup. An amazing, upscale look for your tent!

Tent SizeFeet of Mini Lights UsedPrice for Package
40x401,200 ft$740
40x601,800 ft$1110
40x802,400 ft$1475
40x1003,000 ft$1880

Custom String Lighting


Goodwin Events has a talented team of lighting specialists. We can tackle major lighting projects for events at your home or venue.  Custom cafe string lights can be installed inside barns, in and around trees, and even in open air with no existing structures available.  Check out this page devoted to our custom cafe light projects and send us an email for a personalized quote.


Cafe String Lighting for Parties Weddings

Tent frame with lights no canvas

Bistro String Light Rental

Wedding Bistro Lights

cafe lights strung for a wedding barn