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At Goodwin Event Rentals, we believe a quality tent can transform an event into a chic affair.  Determining your tent size involves more than simply knowing the number of people.  Are you having a sit-down dinner?  Will you have a dance floor?  A band?  You should also take into account space for food tables, a cake table, gift table, etc.  We can help you find the right size tent for your event and help with traffic flow, event design, and accessories.

Athens GA Wedding Tent Rental

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High Peak and Century Pole Tents

Pole Tents are supported by center and perimeter poles and tensioned with stakes and straps.  These tents have a sweeping roofline that adds elegance to any event.  We can install Pole Tents on grass and also on asphalt or concrete for an additional charge.  Pole tents are usually the most economical solution to tenting needs.  Upgrades are available like our Century style pole tents with 10′ side pole height and commanding 27’+ center pole peak height in both 40′ and 60′ sizes.

Frame Tents

Frame Tents use the same vinyl or vinyl-coated canvas as pole tents but in this style, the fabric is stretched over an aluminum frame.  This type of tent also requires stakes and straps to secure the tent and ensure a safe event however frame tents do not have center poles, leaving the inside area unobstructed.  We carry frame tents with a selection of ends – hip or gable.  Our 30′ wide and smaller tents are all frame style tents.

Sailcloth Tent Rental

Sailcloth Tents are something special.  Physically the same as pole tents but with a few differences that make this style tent a magical choice.  Sailcloth tents has transparent tops that allow light to penetrate the canvas.  This allows you to see the nautical stitching in the canvas and at night, allows the lighting beneath to give the canvas a “glow.”  Wood center and side poles give it a natural look and take away the need for any draping or covering.