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Fees, Reservations, Payment

Quotes do not guarantee availability of equipment. To lock-in a reservation we require a signed Rental Contract and a 50% reservation fee. The balance of the order is due in full 10 days before the event unless otherwise agreed upon.

Q:      What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept business/personal checks as well as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, and Paypal.

Q:      Do you charge any type of fee for using a credit card?
A: Yes, we charge a 2.5% convenience fee on credit card transactions.

Q:      Do you have a minimum order?
A: Yes, we require an total of at least $500 before taxes, delivery, labor.  For orders over 60 miles we require a minimum total of $1,500 before taxes, delivery, and labor.

Q:      What if I need to cancel my order?
A: Cancellation 100 days or more before your event usually gives you a full refund of your reservation fee. In some cases where we have put extra time or effort into the planning of your event we may negotiate to retain a consultation fee.  The reservation fee is nonrefundable within 100 days of your scheduled event.

Q:      When should I make my reservation?
A: We recommend you make your reservation as soon as possible! As a well known provider in the Southeast with a large service area, our products go fast.

Delivery, Setup, Pickup

Q:      What are you delivery charges?
A: Delivery fees vary by distance and order size. The term “delivery charges” describes round-trip delivery and pick-up and will also include any additional delivery costs such as difficult access fees for hard to reach sites.  Some full production deliveries require multiple or larger vehicles and additional staff and will therefore cost more.

**delivery fees are subject to change based on factors such as fuel prices. Contact us for specific details.


Q:      Are there any other costs?
A: Two other costs may increase your delivery cost.  If your venue requires us to return and collect items the night of your event there will be an additional cost. If your venue requires the use of an elevator, stairs, or we have to transport the items an excessive distance from our truck to the event location, there will be additional cost.

Q:      The event is in my yard. When should I cut my lawn?
A: Please, please DO NOT cut your grass on the day of your tent or chair install. The sap of the freshly cut grass will stain our equipment and make a green mess for your event. It is best to cut your lawn several days before as freshly cut grass does not take kindly to the wear and tear of a large amount of traffic.  And keep in mind, new sod takes a couple of months to fully establish.

Q:      How long is the rental period?
A: Rates are for a 1-2 day period or a weekend (Fri-Mon). If our schedule requires a setup before or breakdown after this time period, you will not be charged extra. For longer-term rentals, please contact us.

Q:      Do you do late night deliveries and pickups?
A: For additional fees, we’ll do anything…24 hours a day. In general scheduled deliveries and pickups outside of the 8am-5pm M-F range will incur a fee.

Q:      What about Sundays and Holidays?
A: We sometimes work on Sundays to get a head start on the week and following-weekend’s events.  There is a good chance we could arrive to break down your event or pick up items on Sunday but we do not guarantee it.  If you or your venue requires a guarantee an additional cost will apply.

Q:      Can you deliver my items at an exact time?
A: Our trucks may have many stops during the day and the potential of install complications is always present. Therefore it is difficult to schedule an exact time for delivery. Schedules are made several days in advance and you may request a certain time. We will do our very best to accommodate.  If you or your venue requires an exact time for delivery and/or pick up, this is considered a “SCHEDULED DELIVERY” and additional fees may apply to guarantee this schedule.

Q:      What if I have an event or equipment emergency after your business hours?
A: Call our 24 hour emergency number at 706-817-1339.

Q:      What if I don’t use some of my rental items?
A: All items leaving our warehouse, whether by delivery or will call, are considered rented whether you choose to use the items or not. No credit or refund will be given.

Q:      What if I am not home on delivery or pick up?
A: If you know you will not be home or on site for the delivery, please call our office with instructions as to where the merchandise should be left or set up. If you are not home, our crew will try to contact you and wait for a reasonable amount of time. After that, we will have to reschedule delivery and an additional delivery fee will apply.

Q:      What happens if items are missing or damaged after the event?
A: Remember you are responsible for the inventory you rent from us. Please treat it as if it were your own. If items are missing, we will bill you for those items unless they are returned in a reasonable amount of time. All items are billed at replacement cost. Broken items will be examined by us and deemed repairable or not. We will communicate with you on those procedures.

Pickup Procedures:

In general, we ask that our items are left on site in the same place and condition as we originally delivered them. If you added decorations or lighting to the tent, please remove these items as our crew has no time to do so. If the pick up crew must spend additional time prepping for removal, additional charges will apply.


Q:      What size tent will I need for my event?
A: There is an infinite number of answers to this question. You should take into account what type of setup you are planning inside your tent. Tables or cathedral/theater seating? Is is a buffet dinner or sit-down? Dance floor? Space for a bar, DJ, gift table, cake table, and food? Do you have a stage? Are you using rectangle or round tables? Do you have a lounge area? There is endless possibilities. A simple Google search shows that around the web, you’ll find both simple and complicated formulas for figuring out your required tent size. In our opinion, some of these formulas tend to crowd the tent and restrict movement during your event. We think it’s best to contact us with your event details and desires. We will figure out the tent size best suited for you.

Q:       Will the tent I need fit into my space?
A: Keep in mind when choosing the area for your tent that we need space on all sides for staking. This means you should try to have at least 5′ extra on all sides. We can install the tent over small bushes and shrubs which then become part of the interior decorations. In some yards, space is readily available and fitting a tent will be obvious. In other locations with large trees, decks, or other special situations we will need to schedule a site visit.

Q:      Can you install the tent on concrete, decks, or other hard surfaces?
A: This is done on a case-by-case basis and will incur additional expenses above a standard tent install. Contact us for details.

Q:      Does my tent come with sidewalls?
A: Sidewalls significantly impact your event space. They can block wind and rain, keep out insects, direct traffic, and hide imperfections in your location. They can also bring an intimate feel to a large event. Sidewalls are not included in your tent rental but several varieties are available at an additional cost. See the Tent Rental pages for details.

Q:      Does GER do lighting?
A: Yes, we carry a much larger selection and variety of lighting than a standard rental company. We have several varieties including string perimeter lighting, PAR cans for uplighting, and chandeliers. Remember that lighting requires power so if your event is far away from an outlet, a generator may be required. We can also recommend a generator supplier in your area. Tent lighting is not included in the cost of your tent rental. The price for lighting varies based on complexity and labor involved and is often custom quoted to each event.

Q:      Can you put air conditioning in my tent?
A: We work with a number of suppliers around the southeast to provide this service. For more simple climate control, we offer several varieties of fans to help with ventilation for an additional charge.


Do not mark the tables or use staples, nails, etc to attach tablecloths or decorations.

Q: How many people can sit at the tables?
A: In general, a 60” (5ft) table is most comfortable with 8 seated guests while a 72” (6ft) table can handle 10 seated guests.

Q: Do you set up tables?
A: We will be happy to set up and break down your rented tables for an additional $1.00/table.