We provide basic linens as a service to clients booking additional items (tents, tables, chairs, etc).  We stock standard polyester linens in white, black, and ivory as well as specialty spandex linens for our high-boy cocktail tables in black.  Check the sizing table below to find your required size.   For specialty linens of any type, size, or color we work with a number of partner companies both local and national to meet your needs.

Check out http://www.werentlinens.com for a huge selection and contact us for details.


90" RoundBlack, White, IvoryPolyester$20.00
108" RoundBlack, White, IvoryPolyester$20.00
120" RoundBlack, White, IvoryPolyester$20.00
132" RoundBlack, White, IvoryPolyester$24.00
90"x132" RectangleBlack, White, IvoryPolyester$24.00
90"x156" RectangleBlack, White, IvoryPolyester$24.00
30" High Boy (photo below)BlackSpandex$25.00

Georgia Atlanta Athens Linen Rental

Linen Sizing Table

Check your required linen size using this table.
Table Size72" Round60" Round48" Round36" Round72" Rect. Banquet96" Rect. Banquet30" High-Boy Cocktail
Linen Size
90" Round9" Drop15" Drop21" Drop27" DropOverlay
108" Round18" Drop24" DropTo the FloorBunting OverlayBunting Overlay
120" Round24" DropTo the FloorBunting OverlayBunting OverlayTo the Floor
132" RoundTo the FloorBunting OverlayBunting OverlayTo the Floor w/
cinch or ribbon
90"x132" Rect.To the Floor
on all sides
Sides to Floor
Ends 18" Drop
90"x156" Rect.To the Floor
on all sides
Cocktail SpandexTo the Floor